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Keeping your number

Good news !

You can keep your current fax number, if it has a 514 area code, and use it with the service.

You will save money!

You will save the cost of your dedicated fax line (514 area code) and save time by sending and receiving your faxes by e-mail.

How is it done?

Your fax number will become a virtual number.

Here are the steps involved in the conversion:

  • We place a conversion order using the documents provided to you on the web site when you subscribe.
  • Lead time is 21 business days.
  • There is a modest charge of $50.00 plus taxes for conversion.
  • Your dedicated line must have the area code 514

Download the document below, complete it and return it to 514 666 9051

» Form to keep your current fax number


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