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Overview of the service

Good news !

You can keep your current fax number, if it has a 514 area code, and use it with the service.

Here are the steps involved in the conversion:

a) We place an order for conversion
b) Lead time is 21 business days
c) There is a modest charge of $50.00 for conversion

» More details on keeping your number

Our fax to e-mail service allows you to send and receive faxes easily and quickly. via e-mail!

This service is ideal for anybody using faxes for personal or business use. With the basic plan costing only $2.00 per month, you will save money from the word go!

Just imagine: an end to the problems and costs of your fax machine :

    You no longer need a dedicated line.
    Your service includes a fax number at which people can send you faxes. To send faxes, you use your e-mail software.

    No more maintenance.
    No more wasted ink and paper. No more paper jams making the fax machine and usable.

    Always available.
    You will never miss a fax again. No more busy lines - you can receive several faxes at the same time.

    » More details on features

Try it today !

Take advantage of the free trial period and you will soon see the benefits.

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