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User manual

Download the user manual in easy-to-print PDF format.
» User manual

Sending faxes

To send a fax from your e-mail program:

1) Choose New Message in your e-mail program. Type your message in text mode. If you don’t enter a message, your fax will have no cover page. The subject of your e-mail will appear in the <Subject> field in your cover page.

2) Type the recipient’s 10-digit fax number, without spaces, followed by, in the To: field. For example: [email protected]

3) For the fax transmission to proceed, you must attach a document to your message. You can attach any Microsoft Office, HTML or PDF document using the “Attach file” function.

4) When you have finished, click Send to transmit the message. The fax by e-mail server will send the fax and notify you of the result by sending you an e-mail containing a transmission status report.

Receiving faxes

Incoming faxes will arrive in your e-mail inbox. The subject of the message will read "Fax received". Open the message to view details of the fax. Then double-click the attachment to display the fax on your screen.

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