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The 6Telecom team is proud to present its new service! Create your own cover page when sending your faxes. Customized presentation of your transmissions conveys a professional image and lets your customers obtain your full contact information at a glance.

With the customized cover page service, for $3.66 per month plus a $55.00 setup charge, you can have a cover page that contains all your company's contact information.

How to order the service:

1) Choose a cover page template

Choose the desired cover page template and open it in Microsoft Office Word.

Complete the information to customize your cover page. You will not be able to modify completed fields subsequently. Please note that you cannot insert an image (logo, etc.). 

2) Save the customized cover page

When you have customized the template, click “File” and then “Save as...” In the “Save as type” field, make sure you select “Web Page, Filtered.”

3) Ordering instructions

You must order the service before you can use the cover page.

  • Attach your customized cover page template. 6Telecom will not modify it in any way. This means it is very important to check your information carefully. The format when you open the attachment should be “HTM.”
  • You will receive confirmation of your order within 24 business hours.

4) Instructions for sending faxes with a cover page

  • Write your e-mail in “text mode.”
  • Write your message in the body of the e-mail. If you send your fax without any text in the e-mail, the recipient will receive only the attachment and won’t see your cover page.

Here is an example:

Subscribe to the cover page service for $3.66 per month

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