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As simple as sending and receiving e-mail!
Send and receive faxes using your e-mail program.

Send and receive faxes anywhere
Anywhere you can access your e-mail - at work, at home, and even on the road if you have a e-mail enabled PDA or mobile phone.

Always available
The line is never busy. People can send you faxes whether or not your computer is switched on.

Compatible files: PDF, Microsoft Word, Excel, etc.
The service can convert into faxes all Microsoft Office files, PDF files and HTML files. E-mails sent can also be formatted as HTML.

Programming faxes
This option allows you to send a fax at a predetermined date and time.

Transmission confirmation
Receive e-mail confirmation of each fax sent.

Your incoming faxes are routed directly to your e-mail. This means only you can read them.

Customer service in English or French
Customer service agents can be reached during office hours.

An environment-friendly choice
Faxes via e-mail produce much less waste than a conventional fax machine (paper, ink and obsolete equipment that go into the trash).

Simple to use
No software to install, no hardware to buy. Easy to use and understand.

Try it today!

Take advantage of the free trial period and you will soon see the benefits.

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