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A) Q. How much do long-distance calls to Canada and the United States cost with
A. You might not believe it, but long-distance calls to Canada and the United States are free!

B) Q. Can I send faxes overseas?
A. For the time being, the service is available in Canada and the United States only.

C) Q. How do I send a long-distance fax?
A. Nothing could be simpler! Simply put a “1” in front of the fax number.

D) Q. How will my fax number be assigned?
A. We will assign you a number. If you want to choose your own number, there is a $35 charge (plus taxes).

E) Q. Do you have numbers in all regions?
A. We have an impressive bank of toll-free numbers (866, 877, 888) that allows us to satisfy the needs of our customers in all regions. What’s more, nobody gets hit with long-distance charges ­– neither you, nor your customers!

F) Q. Do I have to provide a credit card number when I order the service?
A. To keep our prices competitive, we only accept payment by credit card or bank debit, which prevents us from having to manage payments by mail. If you wish to pay by bank debit, please contact 514 666 1666 or 1 866 PUISSANCE.

G) Q. I sent a fax from my e-mail and got a message back similar to this one: “You are not a FAXmaker user”
A. You received a message of this kind because you sent your fax from an e-mail address that is different from the one you registered. Contact us to register an additional address for a small extra monthly charge.

H) Q. What file types can I send through
A. Currently, the following file types are supported: .pdf (Adobe Acrobat), .doc (Microsoft Word), .xls (Microsoft Excel), .tiff (TIFF image), .tif (image TIF).

I) Q. I tried to send a .zip file and it didn’t work.
A. You must unzip (decompress) your file before sending it. One thing is important, however: when you send a .jpg file, for example, make sure it will fit onto a sheet of letter-size (8½ x 11) or legal (8½ 14) paper. Otherwise the image will be cropped and part of it will be missing!

J) Q. I’m not running Windows XP and I can’t view my faxes (.tif) on the screen.
A. Here’s a simple fix for your problem: download and open the file FaxViewer.exe.

K) Q. How many faxes can I send at a time?
A. You can send a fax to up to 10 recipients simultaneously by simply listing all the telephone numbers (followed by separated by commas. For example:,[email protected],[email protected]
and so on!

L) Q. I have a customer list (more than 10 entries) and would like to send a fax to everyone on the list. Is this possible with your service?
A. Of course! Contact the sales department to find out all the possibilities.

M) Q. Can I change the cover page when I send a fax?
A. Yes, by ordering to the customized cover page service. For $3.66 per month plus a $55.00 setup charge, you can have a cover page that contains all your company's contact information. Follow the link below for more details.

» Cover page ordering instructions

N) Q. How do I send a cover page with my fax?
A. To add a cover page to your fax, configure your e-mail program in text mode, and write your message in the body of your e-mail.

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